Last Update : 30 May 2023


Our Vision


To provide state-of-art infrastructure with modern laboratory facilities

To develop innovative pharmacy education modules and training programs.

To create a learner centered educational system to bring out inherent talents.

To acquire the best suitable ambiance for understanding the ethics in practice during education.

To device the best curriculum to understand the career objectives and etiquettes.

To improve the intellectual capacity and desire for the ethical practice of Pharmacy.

To maintain high quality teaching-learning process to become leaders in education.

To create an environment that fosters the development of externally funded research projects.

To organize frequent public health education and awareness programs in response to the societal needs.


Our Mission

To impart exemplary Pharmacy Education to student pharmacists by inculcating the passion to learn the core of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology and creating prudent citizens to serve to the community by the knowledge, skill and attitude in different domains like Community Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Regulatory affairs, Management, Academia, Research and Development and to augment the Health Index of the country by adoring and honest service.